If you are looking for a Small & Personable Web Site Provider, You are in the Right Place.

At Pier-point, we will make sure you get a workable website published that you feel comfortable maintaining yourself..    We always keep it simple & affordable..  You will be able to show all aspects of your Product or Service, and display it affordably.. Regardless of the size of your business, a website will level the playing field.. You can be just as impressive as the Big Guys..   And it’s a whole lot easier than you think..


Hello, my name is Ken Watterson and I operate Pier-point Web Hosting Services.

My goal is to make a website less mysterious and easier to understand for the individual who does not have a lot of time to devote to this. I have a system where I will create a simple website, personalize it for you, make it relevant to your Business, publish it, and show you how to take control of it while making your own updates..    No web master needed..!!   This website may be simple but it is complete and effective. Not only can it be used immediately, but as your skill level improves you can slowly take over the site and customize it to be a reflection of yourself, all for an affordable price..

There are many good reasons to have a website as you can see here: https://pier-point.net/why-us/ . But beyond all that, remember websites need to express interests in your product or service much like a hand brochure. This makes the layout fundamentally important to your site. It all starts with a warm welcoming page and an easy to navigate layout.  >> This is what allows for simplicity and effectiveness to work together.  https://pierpoint.biz/      This is your foundation..

I’ll keep it simple..  And you will be able to expand your site as you wish, at your own pace..